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*Peptides are the primordial matrix of life management. They appeared on Earth more than three billion years ago and are indispensable for ensuring an adequate response to infection in the body.

In the course of research by scientists from Japan, South Korea, Great Britain, the USA, as well as Ukraine, it was established that peptides have the most ancient tasks formed by evolution: protecting cells from harmful factors by ensuring an adequate response of the immune system to potential danger.

Peptides activate immune cells and direct lymphocytes to destroy pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The activity of peptides contributes to the formation of a complex set of consecutive and cross biological reactions.[1] The understanding of these mechanisms reasonably led to the introduction of peptide-based remedies into medical practice. Peptides protect, harmoniously promote healing and restore the skin.

Arecur is indispensable for dermatitis and eczema
and other skin diseases


Provides healing of ulcerative acne defects


Quickly and harmoniously restores the skin after:
chemical peelings, facial cleansing, injection
procedures, plastic surgery, tattoos


Always at hand in case of minor burns and insect bites


Contributes to the healing of chronic cracks on the
elbows and heels


Resuscitates skin "killed" by detergents and other


Relieves irritation after shaving




Boris Kogan
Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor,
Executive Director of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatologists,
Venereologists and Cosmetologists

"The unique composition of Arecur® Derma perfectly copes with problematic skin: it promotes the regeneration of cells at the site of erosive defects, restores immune homeostasis [2] and normalizes the metabolic process in the skin. Dermatologists testify that in the process of treating eczema, Arecur® Derma accelerates the healing of skin wounds and cracks, reduces inflammation and itching. In addition, this innovative drug has an antimicrobial and antiviral effect, thereby preventing infections from penetrating deep into the skin."


Oleksandr Borodko
Plastic surgeon, surgeon of the highest category,
head of «Dr Borodko Aesthetic Center»

"It is  advisible to use Arecur® Derma in case of skin redness, inflammation, discomfort: after chemical peelings, cleansing and other cosmetology procedures; after microtraumas, as well as prevention of infection; after burns, frostbite, insect bites; to promote recovery of the skin at the site of trophic defects, to promote the restoration of normal skin microflora, to restore the metabolism in the skin."


Arecur Derma ointment is part of the Arecur pharmaceutical product line. In the photo from left to right:
1. Sterile ampoules No.10   2. Capsules No.60  3. Rectal-vaginal suppositories No.10    4. Ointment.  
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It is considered that the skin indicates the condition of the internal organs.
Dermatologists emphasize: everything that happens inside is visible outside.
For patients with chronic dermatoses, it is extremely important to maintain liver function at an appropriate level.
For people with exacerbations of psoriasis, eczema and acne, powerful liver support is provided by Arecur in the form of capsules. After taking Arecur capsules, the activity of the TGF protein in the liver decreases.[3] TGF is a key aggressive inflammatory factor in the liver, the activity of which can increase in response to harmful food, alcohol, and other toxic substances.
By protecting the liver from harmful effects, Arecur reduces intoxication and inflammation and thus prevents possible exacerbations of chronic skin diseases.
Patients with chronic skin diseases should take 1 capsule of Arecur  2 times a day for 2 months.

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